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A Taste of the Desert Day 5

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We woke early and decided to move to a much more conveniently located site. Thinking it would be easier than breaking down and setting up the tent a second time, we chose to carry it the 600 ft. to our new temporary home. Our attempt at streamlining the move was thwarted by the sprinkler system in the patch of grass we had to cross. We didn't plan beforehand so there was no system in place to avoid the spray of water jettisoning toward our heads. With cat-like reflexes, T dodged the spray by putting the tent between it and himself; unfortunately, that left me exposed. I got a full blast of H2O and came out on the other side looking like a wet kitten. T's response to my look of exasperation? “It was either you or both of us...so I chose you.” How considerate of him.

We made it to our new, special campsite.

Excited to explore more of the Kodachrome Basin, we quickly changed into dry clothes and gulped down some fruit and a bowl of cereal. While driving out of the campsite, we passed a lone shoe lying on the ground about a quarter mile out from our own. Upon noticing the shoe, T remarked that, “That looks a lot like my tennis shoe, but it can’t be, because my shoes are back at the campsite.” We spent the rest of the morning taking in the Pink Cliffs as we hiked the short two mi jaunt to the Mossy Cave, located at an elevation of about 6,820 ft. The mossy cave turned out to be a cool alcove at the base of a drop-off in a narrow canyon. After petting the wet moss, we hiked out to a nearby water fall.



We were sun-soaked and sleep deprived but were determined to explore the petrified forest of Escalante. While, by our calculations, Escalante was a two hour drive away we were happily surprised to find that either our calculations were off or we had fallen into a worm hole without realizing it because the car ride took only 45 mins. That’s a far cry from two hours, but we weren't complaining! T & I completed a strenuous vertical hike that elevated 6,000 ft in just two miles. Along the way, we were able to see the many layers of striated earth, which showed us a glimpse into the dinosaur era. At the top, we were rewarded with a gorgeous view of a large body of water and the ethereal petrified forest.


Tom doing his best impression of a plank.

Happily exhausted, we returned to our camp site and couldn't wait to take our hiking boots off. Now wearing only socks, Tom went to the picnic table to retrieve the tennis shoes he left there from the night before only to find that one shoe was missing. I was rather puzzled by this predicament but Tom had a light bulb moment and gestured for me to get back in the car, “I think I know where my other shoe is.” He said, with a look of disbelief dawning on his sweat-stained face. We drove back to the lone shoe we had passed that morning and parked. It was on a man’s campsite, and as we walked closer to it, he walked towards us as if in greeting. As we walked, our eyes played tricks on us, one minute the shoe was definitely Tom’s and the next it definitely was not, until, finally, a couple feet away, it became clear that this was the brother shoe Tom was missing. The man chuckled when he saw Tom pick up his shoe and said, “I wondered when someone would be around to get that.” After an embarrassed grin and curt thank you, we were back in the car, shaking our heads in wonderment. “It must’ve been the Mountain Lion.” I said, in a hushed tone.


After a short rest in the tent, we made a stop at the campground market. Never missing a chance to replenish my stock of nonfiction, I picked up 2 books from the free book exchange: a Piers Anthony novel for old time’s sake and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. T & I finished out the evening with some stargazing. We laid our sleeping bags outside on a platform and attempted to use T’s constellation ID’ing app. But, due to the lack of internet connection, it failed miserably. Regardless, it was a peaceful evening with good vibes penetrating us through our zipped together sleeping bags and as we lay curled together we bore witness to two shooting stars.


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